Interview with the photographer Luciano Viti

Jimmy Page and Luciano Viti, Pistoia 1984

Luciano Viti is a great Italian photographer, specialized in portraits of artists. During his long career he has photographed many of the greatest Rock and Jazz legends, but even famous actors and directors. His photos are awesome and his career is long and rich. Luciano has kindly agreed to answer my questions about his profession sharing great stories and funny anecdotes about some of the rock star and jazz legends he met, photographed, and sometimes became friends with.

All the places, the magic, the secrets no tour guide will ever show you.

In Roma’s historic center, at Vicolo del Divino Amore, pretty close to Piazza Navona, we can see what once was Caravaggio’s painting studio. In 1600 the name of the alleyway was different, but the palace is almost the same. The story of his painting studio was carefully described in the official archival of that age Police; Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was wanted for murder, that’s why he had to quickly escape from Roma, leaving all his stuff inside his studio painting. …

All the places, the magic, the secrets no tour guide will ever show you

1st Episode. Street Art in Roma Suburbs: PrimaValle

“The periphery is a human condition. Places, where there’s no Poetry, are most peripheral” The Poet of Nothing (Maurizio Mequio)

When somebody says “Roma, Italy,” most people think about Saint Peter’s, the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla, Museums, Churches, Parks, Fountains, Statues, Paintings, Cappella Sistina, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Artemisia Gentileschi (and that’s just the beginning). As everybody knows Roma, in its historic center is full of ancient and very old art, but it’s not just a triumph of old art and culture. In my Roman Diary, I’ll try to introduce you to the unknown Roman places no tour guide will ever…

How the Catholic Church, wasted by old and new scandals, quickly decided the beatification of a boy who died at 15 years and, at the same time, is trying to create the Internet Holy Patron.

How to get away with a young digital Saint: Vatican Cardinals
How to get away with a young digital Saint: Vatican Cardinals

What’s the Catholic Church known for, at this time? After many years and many million euros spent trying to control the horrible and extended issue of pedophilia among Prelates and high-Prelates, here’s what today the Catholic Church does: wager in troubled companies death and having fun with “investments in credit default swap, in disreputable oil companies, passages in Swiss and Malaysian banks under investigation for…

David Foster Wallace died as suicide twelve years ago, 9/12/2008, aged 46. He was an American writer who became famous like a Rockstar, and in the end he killed himself just like a Rockstar. I’m going to talk about his life, his writing, his death and how much I keep missing him.

David Foster Wallace by Nina Keizer

In our life, there are two things hiding secrets: the secret of success and the secret of suicide. No matter how hard we try, but we’ll never be able to know success and suicide formulas. …

Short journey inside Facebook experience, where “communication” is autistic and “friends” use “likes and hearts” and speak just to fight about nonsense and foolishness. An upside-down world, like “Alice through the looking glass” world.

“Autistic communication” is an oxymoron. Everybody knows that autism is a disease that makes you lose touch with reality and makes you build the inner world that keeps you from having any contact with other people like everyone’s outside of an insurmountable barrier.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Autism is a mental disorder that starts in young children and causes behavior that is unusually centered…

There are places in the world that even Google cannot reach. I’m not talking about Central Africa or remote islands in the Pacific: I’m talking about Basilicata area, Italy, Europe.

Brefaro, Basilicata: Full Moon in Aquarius (by Donatella Pisu)

When I took a gravel road that leads to “La Tana dei Ghiri” (it means “Den of the Dormice”) and I saw that old farmhouse from above, so big and small at the same time, nestled in the unpopulated Lucanian hills, like a pink vision in the middle of all that green, it reminded me Alaska. I don’t know why, but it made me think of one of those beautiful…

Interview with Laura Salvinelli, Social and War Photographer, internationally famous, who talks about her difficult and exciting profession, her art, and tells us great stories about some of her pictures.

(All photos published by courtesy of Laura Salvinelli)

Tuareg girls in Niger, 2018 by Laura Salvinelli

I had a weird idea: matching horrible and public people with some of the best Metallica songs. Why Metallica? Because everyone loves and knows Metallica all over the world, young and adult people in the same way. Metallica were like a powerful beacon in the ocean of music, since eighties until now. Metallica are legend, and that’s a fact.

So, let’s start:


Searching, Seek and destroy

There is no escape and that is for sure

This is the end we won’t take any more

Say goodbye to the world you live in

You have always been…

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